Email security

We offer Email security for resellers and businesses.

The advantages of Mail-GW

  • Virus protection
  • Spam protection
  • Protection from dangerous content
  • Compatible with all mail servers
  • Multi-domain and multi-user capable
  • Quarantine function
  • Simple release from quarantine
  • Analysis/reports
  • Managed via API

Every day more than 293 billion Emails are sent - more than half of it is spam. Spam not only kills productivity, it is also used to sneak in fraud attempts, spyware, and harmful software. Every day spammers come up with new tricks to circumvent mail filters and the filter programmers try to keep up before they can cause any damage - an endless arms race.

Mit anderen Worten: man kann es sich eigentlich gar nicht mehr leisten, keine Email-Security zu haben. Natürlich, fast alle Email-Services haben irgendwelche integrierten Sicherheits-Features, aber diese erfüllen viel zu oft nur die Minimalstandards.

Genau deswegen bieten wir unseren Mail-Gateway an – ein Extra an professioneller Sicherheit. Im Gegensatz zu den üblichen Filtern befindet sich der Mail-GW vor dem Mailserver und blockiert die unerwünschten Nachrichten, noch bevor sie die Mailbox erreichen. Der Mail-GW gestattet die Filterung für eine oder mehrere Domains auf transparente Weise. Eine Softwareinstallation auf dem Client ist nicht erforderlich.

Institutions and businesses with thousands of users all over the world trust in Mail-GW. So should you.


Mail-GW uses several complementary techniques to recognize spam. With a combination of algorithms, artifical intelligence, and regular updates, Mail-GW can react to the newest spam techniques.


Mail-GW filters incoming emails for viruses, worms, and attachments with questionable content which might contain scripts.

Web interface

Mail-GW allows the user to easily configure their quarantine, change their settings, and protect several Email accounts with a single Mail-GW license.

Technical specifications
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of incoming viruses
  • Detects potentially dangerous content
  • Real-time scan for incoming messages
  • Infected emails will be cleaned if possible. Dangerous content will be quarantined, harmless content will be forwarded to the mail server.
  • The user can set up rules on how to deal with spam
  • Uses various techniques to recognize and adapt to spam strategies (including learning algorithms)
  • Can be connected in parallel to minimize delay during heavy traffic
  • Greylisting SMTP
  • Blacklisting via SPI, Spamhaus,, etc.
  • Controlls recipients' adresses (CallOut)
  • Checks server identities
  • Module for newsletter recognition
  • Uses heuristic identification techniques (e.g. Bayes filter)
  • Uses ClamAV anti-virus with automatic updates
  • Optical character recognition
  • Rejects bad sender policy frameworks (SPF)
  • BATV, DKIM sign/check
  • DMARC support
  • User authentication by AD, LDAP, IMAP, POP, LDAP, Radius, MySQL, AD and others.
  • API für Domainverwaltung
  • Regular updates of the virus and spam databases
  • Offers user-specific settings for language, frequency of reports, aliases, and dealing with spam.
  • Multi-domain, multi-user, multi-language
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