Individual consulting

No solution works for every company, no offer works for every customer, and absolutely nobody likes it to be passed on from one customer service representative to the next while having to re-explain their problem to every single one of them.

So we decided against a generic customer service. Every customer gets assigned a contact person that will work with them from then on. Your contact person will get to know you and your company, will offer his advice, and work with you to find solutions.

Server management

Reseller.Management can manage your servers, whether you got them from us or not. We install, secure, update - and if you need to move to a new server, we'll gladly assist in choosing the next one and will implement the relocation without additional costs.

We will take care of your servers - so you can focus on your core business.

Support as a service

Customer support is almost as important as the product itself. Neglecting it can leave a serious dent in your reputation and drive the customers away in droves. But it also costs time ans ressources that might be more in need somewhere else.

Reseller.Management will gladly take that burden out of your hands. We can handle support tickets, take calls and much more - all of it in your name, of course (white label).

This offer stands, whether you're getting your server from us or not.
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